Though a brand new double glazing window can last for decades, their quality deteriorates with the passage of time. Homeowners try their level best to enhance their durability but the only way to deal with a wrecked or misted window unit is by replacing the entire frame. You can even save a few pounds by just replacing the faulty glass and not changing the frame if it has not been damaged due to an accident or burglary. If you are willing to try a DIY when replacing the double-glazed, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.


Replacing Double Glazing In Ayrshire? Few Steps To Follow

  • Identify The System

A majority of the double glazing in Ayrshire either has an internally or externally beaded frame. If you notice a joint where the beads are meeting the edge of the window frame, it is an indication that the window installed in your house is internally glazed.

  • Remove The Beads From Internally Beaded Window

If you have an internally beaded window, you first need to remove the beads from the frame by placing a putty knife inside the joint and tapping it. This will separate the beads one by one and the glazing will be ready for replacement.

  • Remove The Beads From Externally Beaded Window

If you have an externally glazed window, it will either have a back wedge glazing system or an internal gasket system. The safest way to remove the external beads is by taking out the rubber gasket from the interior of your window. Press the rubber using a stiff putty knife to tap it out, consider the direction from where the gasket is coming out too. If the glazing system has a double-sided security tape, you will need a Stanley knife to cut it.

  • Measure The Unit

The next step is to get the double glazed unit measured from a reliable installer of high-quality double glazing in Ayr, they will also let you know whether the glass has some special coating. If you are planning to place the double glazed unit on plastic packers, ensure you have bought the correct one. Negligence to use the correct packers can lead to condensation between glasses.

  • Refit The Internally Glazed Unit

Make the unit sit in the frame firmly, use a steady nylon mallet to tap and place the two short beads first and then the long ones. You might have to bend them to position them properly.

  • Refit The Externally Glazed Unit

The re-fitting process of your externally glazed unit is generally dependent on the glazing system installed in it. It can either have a back gasket system or the security tape system. If glass locks are fitted to them, use proper tools to remove them.

This being said, it’s time you follow the steps stated above or get in touch with a reliable double glazed installer which will mean replacing the windows in your house will become easier.