The delicate ecological balance today calls for considerate use of energy. It has pushed us to look for innovative ways to cut down on our power consumption. Energy-efficient windows help to reduce the need for excessive heating and cooling of premises. The technology employed in such windows Ayrshire is unique. It ensures the retention and circulation of existing heat in the premises. Some benefits of using energy-efficient windows are as follows:

  • Optimum temperature conditions in your home
  • Less money spent on electricity bills
  • Insulation for noise along with heat
  • Reduced build-up of condensation on windows

Often, people are not informed enough about the various methods in which they can replace their regular windows with energy-efficient ones. Let us take a look at the different types of features of such windows.

Special glass coating on the window can help in effective heat insulation.

Low-E Glass is the main magic component when it comes to energy-efficient windows. The unique low emissivity of this glass minimizes the transfer and transmission of heat. In other words, if the weather is cold outside, the glass prevents the heat inside the house from going out and vice versa. It blocks 90% of the sun’s rays and helps to maintain optimum room temperature. Reflective coatings, tints, and gas fills are various types of glass coating options available.

Only use spacer systems to insulate your window and reduce heat loss.

Gone are the days of insulating your windows with metal. Currently, structural foam made out of 100% polymer is the best option to insulate your windows. This material reduces condensation on windows and also helps them become more energy-efficient. Spacer systems that reduce the heat loss rate or U value of the window and increase the energy efficiency can also be used.

Latest revolutionary technology can be adopted for better energy efficiency.

Using Krypton gas filling judiciously is a technology employed in energy-efficient windows. Multiple glass panes such as double-pane and triple-paned windows are extremely useful in blocking harmful UV rays of the sun. Both these methods help to conserve the existing heat in the room. With proper regulation of temperature between the internal and external conditions, the energy efficiency of the windows is increased.

Thus, in times of global warming, energy-efficient windows can go a long way in protecting the environment while giving us a comfortable lifestyle. If you are looking for top-quality windows in Ayrshire, EnerCare should be your one-stop destination. They are the market leaders in producing world-class energy-efficient doors and windows for all types of buildings at affordable prices.