A unique feature of home design trends is that they keep on changing with the passage of time. Since windows are an integral part of your interior decor, following the latest window design trends ruling the market is always advisable. Increasing the resale value of your home and curb appeal will become easier if you can keep your windows up to date by following the current trends. If your budget permits, replace the traditional windows in your house with new energy-efficient windows.

5 Window Design Trends Which Will Rule 2020

  • Black Window Frames

A design trend which is expected to stay for the next few years as well is black window frames. You can use them for both exterior and interior windows. You will be surprised to know that the dark colour palette will even expand in the future so you will have numerous dark colour options. Install black-framed windows and you can add some style and drama to your house. Whether you have traditional interiors or one with an ultra-contemporary touch, black window frames will act as the perfect backdrop.

  • Window Walls

Designers and architects are always looking for innovative ways to maximise the amount of natural light entering the core living space of your house. Since nothing can beat the benefits of natural light, installing floor-to-ceiling windows or window walls has almost become a trend. They help in adding light to your interiors and open your home to the outdoors. Windows with less frame and more glass increases its viewing area.

  • Modern Bay Windows

Bay windows are a type of windows made by combining three windows with different widths. An angled look is created as the bay windows extend from the wall. Numerous people are nowadays willing to install them as they make a room feel more open and larger. They work really nice in studies, living rooms and master bedrooms. You can even give your dining area a cosy nook by including this new feature in the room.

  • Sidelites

For someone not aware of the term, sidelites are basically vertical and narrow windows installed beside the patio doors or entry doors. Designers and architects try to create a distinct effect in your interiors by combining doors and windows in Ayrshire. Sidelites can be customised so that more fresh air and additional light can enter the room. These excellent add-ons are expected to rule 2020.

  • Transoms

Have you ever noticed the narrow window above the top of the door? They are known as transoms and are quite popular all over Ayrshire. They help in utilising the entire width and height of the wall and maximise the amount of light entering your rooms. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen this year, install transoms above the shelves and cabinets. If you have a spa-like bathroom, you can even opt for the ventilating transoms. These windows help in adding diffused light and enhance the room’s beauty.

Since you are aware of the latest window design trends expected to rule 2020, it’s time you start looking for a renowned supplier.