Avoid Draughty Windows This Winter With 4 Easy Tips

With winters fast approaching, this is the right time you pay adequate attention to the vital elements in your home. One of the main reasons why draught windows are a nightmare for the people in Ayr is that they can increase your energy bills drastically by allowing heat to escape through them easily.

You will be surprised to know that experienced double glazing installers are the busiest during winter months as everyone wants to avoid draught windows. Not only can they assess the cause behind the draughty windows but also know how to deal with those. The openings are the first thing they check. Hiring professionals to prevent draught windows become necessary if there are numerous opening sections.

Willing To Avoid Draughty Windows? Few Parts You Should Look After

  • Hinges

Though you don’t have to worry about the quality and performance of the hinges if you have recently installed double glazing in Ayrshire, make sure you change the broken window hinges. They wear and tear with the passage of time and even start accumulating dust. These prevent the hinges from opening and closing the windows smoothly. They might also go out of alignment when used for a prolonged period of time. A gap might also develop between the frame seal and sash if the hinges break, thus leading to loss of air.

  • Seals

The window seals are also a vital thing to consider if you want to avoid draughty windows. They are generally found around the sash and window frames. The easiest way to check the quality of the seal is by opening the window and examining the entire structure minutely. If you notice any sort of damage, just replace the seals before the winter months sets in. Get in touch with experienced window installers if you are not sure whether the seals are shrinking or a gap has developed due to broken window hinges.

  • Plastering

Plaster is used both inside the window and outside and so you need to check the plastering around your double glazing in Ayr at fixed intervals. A draught can enter your house even through a minute gap or crack in the external plaster. They can also enter around the ESB meter box and travel along the wall cavity. Check the area where the window boards are meeting the window frame. Every gap and crack in the window boards or internal plaster should be filled using painter caulk, silicone sealer or filler.

  • Interlock

Take a look at the midpoint of the window opening and you will notice that there is a set of interlocking plastic blocks. The primary task of these triangular-shaped blocks is to make the blocks meet when you are closing the sash. The blocks found in double glazing windows are quite flexible and you need to ensure that they are positioned tightly. Negligence to do so can leave a gap between the sashes and lead to a draught. Hire experienced installers and they will let you know whether the interlocking blocks are working properly.

These being said, it’s time you examine the window parts stated above or install new double glazing if you want to avoid draughty windows.