Determining the energy efficiency of a house is indeed a daunting task as there are many factors which contribute to its efficiency. Not only does an energy-efficient house help in reducing your heating bills but even the impact of your property on the environment. One of the primary factors which can affect the energy efficiency of your house irrespective of its age, design or location is the glazing.

They are one of the most common parts of a home through which heat is generally lost. You will require more energy to keep your rooms warm if heat escapes through the windows. Whether you are planning glass installations in your newly constructed home or replacing the existing ones, opt for a glazing variety which can improve the performance of your house by making it more energy-efficient.

Various Aspects Of Glazing Which Impacts Its Energy Efficiency

  • Glass

Whether you are installing double glazing in Ayrshire or some other glazing variety, they are generally made using glass. Since all types of glass available in the market are not the same, make sure that the one installed in your glazing is energy efficient. Sometimes, coating and films are also applied to improve their efficiency. Some have different levels of tinting and reflectivity which helps in deflecting external heat. If you are not sure about the efficiency of the glass, opt for a building glazing inspection.

  • Frame

Almost all types of windows available in the market have a frame. A significant amount of the heat is generally lost through the frame. This is why choosing the right material to make it is a must. Though you have to consider its quality and style as well, the frame material is a primary thing to consider if you want it to be energy efficient. Nowadays, UPVC, aluminium and steel are used instead of wood as the former are more energy efficient. Silicone bonding is used in the modern frameless glazing to seal glass panels.

  • Size

Not everyone opting for double glazing in Ayr is aware of the fact that the energy efficiency of the glazing is largely dependent on the size of the installation. You can expect potential heat loss if you are opting for larger installations. The best is to get in touch with experienced double glazing installers and they will offer customised structural glass solutions through which less heat is lost.

  • Location

The location of your glazing is also a vital factor on which its energy efficiency is dependent. ‘Solar Gain’ is one of the vital qualities exhibited by the glass. This is why you need to choose the location of the windows wisely. Check whether it is facing the sun. The glazing should also be installed in such a location so that weather, wind and climate don’t have any negative impact on the glass.

These being said, it’s time you consider the aspects of glazing stated above and making your home more energy-efficient with proper glazing will become easier.