With the arrival of the cold winter months, it’s time for you to check the quality of the doors and windows installed in your house, even a minor air leak can punch a hole in your pocket. The easiest way to prevent the cold spots and minimise your monthly utility bills is by getting all the air leaks sealed from professionals or changing the structure entirely, this will make your home both energy-efficient and cozy. If you are not yet sure whether the windows and doors have already developed an air leak, there are a few cool tips you can follow before approaching an experienced installer.

Willing to Check Doors and Windows for Costly Air Leaks? 4 Cool Tips for You

  • Examine Them Minutely

A detailed visual inspection can indeed help a great deal to track any sort of air leak, if the old caulking has failed, you will notice gaps between the frames. A damaged glazing also indicates that it’s time to replace your old single-paned windows with high-quality double glazed ones. Its entire perimeter should be tightly sealed to prevent expensive heat loss, water and air infiltration. Inspect the lower part of the door and check whether there is an opening through which daylight is entering, a damaged weather stripping should also be replaced.

  • Technical Test

If your utility bills have enhanced drastically in the last few years, using an infrared thermometer to detect an air leak is indeed a wise thing to do. For someone not aware of the equipment, this non-contact thermometer basically helps in measuring the ambient air temperature near the frames of your doors and windows. If it is kept near a frame through which cold air is leaking, it will get reflected in the thermometer.

  • Introduce Some Smoke

Since all air leaks are not visible with the naked eye, a smoke test can also be conducted to detect them, the first thing you need to do is to close all the doors and windows in your house. You also need to ensure that all the combustion appliances like the water heater and furnace has been turned off and the exhaust vents in your kitchen and bathroom have been turned on. To conduct the smoke test, you need to hold a lit incense stick near the windows and doors edges. If you notice that the smoke rising from the incense stick is wavering and drawing inward, it indicates the presence of an air leak.

  • Approach Professionals

There are numerous professionals installing high-quality windows and doors in Ayrshire and surrounding areas. If you want to stay assured that there are no leaks, just get in touch with them and they will conduct a test to check whether your home is air-tight and devoid of any air leak. These tests are generally not that expensive but can help a great deal in minimising your energy bills as you can get the windows and doors replaced before it is too late.

This being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and checking the doors and windows for air leaks will become easier.